WestOne Logistics is an asset-based provider of third-party logistics services. As such we perform receiving, inspection, storage, and delivery of commercial products for a large variety of business & government clients.

WestOne Logistics provides customized support services with expertise and specialized equipment dedicated to the required scope of work. WestOne Logistics provides service from our commercial warehouse facilities in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Belgrade, Montana.

WestOne Logistics maintains a fleet of late model trucks, trailers and material handling equipment to tackle the most challenging of logistics needs.


InterWest Project Logistics Group is an asset-based provider of 3rd or 4th party logistics services for project rollouts, hospitality, food service, laboratory equipment and specialized equipment placement.

The company uses a state-of-the-art inventory control system to coordinate the receipt, storage, and delivery of furniture, fixtures, and equipment for projects of any size.

We provide the following services: Receiving, Inspection, Consolidation, Warehousing, Delivery, and Placement/Install.