Corporate Relocation Services

Reduce Risks and Minimize Business Interruptions

InterWest Moving & Storage, Inc offers flexible options for corporate relocation in the InterMountain west & across the globe.

Service for Corporate Move Professionals

As a corporate-relocation professional, you help people go new places® in their careers. When the path leads to a relocation, count on InterWest Moving & Storage, Inc. to enable a smooth transition. We understand a smooth moving experience is important to the well-being of your employees and the productivity of your organization. Our corporate move specialists put people at ease and relieve their stress so they can settle in at home and focus at work.

Service for Corporate Transferees

As an employee about to embark on a corporate move, you may have questions about what to expect. If your employer uses InterWest Moving & Storage, Inc. for your relocation, we can answer your questions about the moving and storage benefits in your policy. If you are planning your own move, we are glad to help you through the process. A first step is to request an instant estimate—it will give you a good idea of the services and costs for making your move with InterWest Moving & Storage, Inc

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The Atlas Agency Network
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Corporate Relocation Services

  • Personalized Packages
  • Moving Expertise
  • Temporary Housing Assistance
  • Partnership Approach
  • Stress Free Experience
  • Home Search Assistance
  • School Enrollment
  • Settling-In Services
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Industry Leadership in Corporate Moving

As an Atlas Agent, InterWest Moving & Storage, Inc. shares a long tradition of leadership in corporate relocation. The annual Atlas Forum brings together our corporate customers and relocation professionals from all industries for networking and learning. We hear from some of the world’s foremost figures across the spectrum of contemporary economic, cultural, and geopolitical topics.

Since 1968, the annual Atlas Corporate Relocation Survey has collected, analyzed, and published findings that reveal trends in relocation policies, domestically and globally. We are at the forefront of industry thinking, and we look ahead to stay in synch with the changing needs of transferees. We understand the vital role relocation policy plays in managing expectations and controlling costs. We follow your policy to the letter, always working to satisfy your employees and ensure fiscal accountability to your corporation.

Making Lump-Sum Moves Easy for Employees

For employees with a lump-sum benefit, moving to Idaho Falls is easier than ever with InterWest Moving & Storage, Inc.. We can help your transferees get the most from a lump-sum benefit by helping them select services they need, quickly locate the best local providers, and manage their relocation budget to save money so you can count on them to relocate well and arrive at work as scheduled.

Atlas Tools that Make Corporate Relocation Efficient

As a client of InterWest Moving & Storage, Inc., you have access to with its information and tools to make your job easier. You can see shipments in the Atlas dispatch system, know their status, and follow activity on claims.

With AtlasNet® Inventory, our representative enters shipment information electronically at the time of estimating, so the services and costs are immediately viewable. The Atlas Professional Van Operator uses an application called PVO Inventory to verify every item electronically as it is loaded onto the van for shipment. At delivery, the PVO checks items as they come off the truck to ensure all pieces are accounted for and delivered in the same condition as when they were loaded.

Global Move Management and Relocation Services

The Atlas network for corporate relocation extends from Idaho Falls and around the world—with over 400 Atlas Agents in the U.S. and Canada and over 300 Atlas-approved service providers overseas.

Besides our moving and storage services, InterWest Moving & Storage, Inc. connects your company to move management systems for better carrier performance. Based on experience in over a million moves, we audit, score, analyze, and report so you can achieve improved carrier performance. You see how to reduce overall moving costs and add value to your relocation programs.

Besides move management, our Atlas network includes professionals in relocation management. From total optimization of your relocation benefits program to a la carte answers, we have the resources for you to gain better control over your relocation costs and achieve higher levels of employee satisfaction.

Get More With Your Relocation Policy

If you move employees, find out how InterWest & Merchants Moving can serve as a professional extention of your hiring and onboarding experience.

Skills and Experience

If you want to move an employee and their family to a new location, we have the skills, experience, and staff to make it all happen. Among corporate relocation moving specialists, Atlas and InterWest stand out for successful employee transitions. This special expertise has earned Atlas a reputation as “the corporate mover.” A commitment to help people go new places more easily and securely has made Atlas one of the best known and most trusted names in moving. We support this commitment with our own promise: A successful move EVERY time.

As a specialist in corporate relocation services, we understand the importance of meeting employee expectations and the following policy. We support your efforts to attract and retain people with sensitivity to each individual’s unique needs. As your partner, we know corporate relocation services are a benefit, one of many ways you keep transferees enthusiastic and productive. You can trust our experience and proven know-how to ensure your employees feel valued within your policy guidelines.
We use technology to provide you with a more responsive service, dashboards to track our performance to your quality and cost goals.

We will take better care of your employee and help you optimize your global mobility program.

We have served more than 200 companies in various niches, and our reputation is second to none. Our professional team is fully licensed, so you won’t have to worry about your employee being scammed. Plus, we will treat your employee like a VIP.

Some of our clients have been with us for up to 45 years, and we have various solutions for short- and long-distance moves. We can customize lump sum relocation programs based on the requirements of your employee and help you get more value than the average relocation package.


  • "Had to move to Idaho Falls for a new job and my new company hired InterWest to move my family up there. Freddy and his crew were fantastic! They were able to our whole house without causing any damage to it, which I didn’t think would happen simply because of all the stuff I have. All of them were very hard workers!"

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    Travis Jacobs
  • InterWest handled the storage and delivery of our household goods as part of a corporate relocation package from my new job. Despite it being a miserably hot July day, Noel, Kelton, David, and Rhett each demonstrated incredible professionalism, hard work, and a great sense of humor. These guys made the stressful and exhausting process of moving into a new place easy and even fun. They were very careful with our stuff and eager to make sure everything ended up where we wanted it to. They even gave us great recommendations for local restaurants and helped us feel welcome and at home in our new town. We are so grateful for them and would happily work with them again.

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    Sutter Laird